Grade 7 Dance @ Edgehill School

dance for grade 7.PNG
All Grade 7 students in Powell River are invited to attend this dance on Friday, April 29th at Edgehill School. The fun starts at 6:30 pm and the dance will be from 7-9 pm, says organizer and parent, Jen Frost.

The dance is specifically for Grade 7 students who are making the scary, yet exciting, transition to Brooks Secondary School in the fall. “We hope all the grade 7 students will come out and meet new friends before the next school season begins,” Jen said.

The music will be clean, loud and fun, “as will the vibe,” Jen said. “We will have a small concession with pizza at $2 a slice and sparkling juices for $1.”

Students are invited to bring along water bottles as a fountain will be made available to students for free. “Beach wear, fancy frocks, or whatever suits you,” Jen said. “Just no bathing suits!”

If parents or students have more questions, please call Jen at 604-414-5363.

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