Farmers’Market – Market Access

The following posting is from Powell River Farmers’ Market Manager, Juhli Jobi.


Not everyone in Powell River has a car. Not every vendor at the market has a car either! Surprised?

So how do people who don’t drive come to the market?

Some people ride their bikes up. The nice part of this is the ride home; buy what you like, load up your saddle bags and start riding home. It’s likely at least some of it will be downhill.

Some people walk (yes, people actually walk from Westview up to the market). We’ve had a few sailors walk up from the Westview harbour as well. If you’re in decent health, it’s a 40 minute walk. While it does seem like it’s up a steep hill, there are portions where it levels off too.


Some people take the bus. For visitors to Powell River, there is a Town Centre Shuttle that will take visitors from the Beach Gardens Marina as well as the Westview Marina right to the Town Centre Mall. This complimentary shuttle service runs from June 24th – September 4th, 2016. A Summer schedule will be posted soon. Please note: the complimentary shuttle service is not available on statutory holidays.

Here’s how to get to the market if you take the bus. If you’re on the #3 Upper Westview Route that’s a great start. If not, make your way over to the Town Centre Mall and get on the #3 bus. You can find all the latest schedules and information here but we’ve included a snapshot of the route and recommended times.


Aim for the 10:15 am departure from the Town Centre Mall. That will get you to the Airport (your stop) within 7 minutes, then you’ve got less than a 15 minute walk into the grounds. Enter the market via Myrtle Avenue, head about 3/4 way down the street (past the horses) and keep an eye out for a “Vendor Parking” sign on your right. That’s the driveway that will take you right into the market. The 10:15 am bus will get you to the market just a few minutes after we open. The #3 bus leaves the mall 15 minutes past each hour. Taking the 11:15 am bus will still give you about an hour at the market but remember that the bread/produce selection may be reduced the later you come.


The market ends around 12:30 on Saturdays and 2:30 on Sundays. In the event that you haven’t met someone who’s offering to give you a ride home (and that will often be the case) then here’s the best way to plan your return trip. If you’ve been at the market since the start you may be ready to leave before it’s over and if you arrived a bit later and aren’t ready to head out the moment we close then feel free to hang out for a bit afterwards as well, we typically don’t shoo anyone away for at least an hour or so.

Your return bus will be leaving the Airport stop at 22 minutes past each hour, give yourself enough time to make your way back to the bus stop. Two stops (8 minutes later) you could be getting off at the South side of the mall. If you’re exhausted or carrying a load and don’t want to walk the length of the mall then stay on the bus for another 10 minutes, it will return you to the North side of the mall.

Many people who walk to take the bus have a rolling shopping cart that they bring along – they are durable and can hold almost anything you decide to buy. If you don’t have a cart, do bring your own bags, and check out our do’s and don’t’s list to be fully prepared.

See you at the Farmers’ Market, just off Padgett Road, Saturdays from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm and Sundays from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm.

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