PETS of Powell River

Meet Dave, she’s a nine-year-old Lab who knows the virtues of stopping to smell the flowers. She lives on a sprawling acreage south of town and does her daily rounds checking on all things great and small….then she takes a well-deserved nap in the sun. Dave’s guardians are Mark and Claire from Roxy Records, drop in and say hi. If you’re lucky, Dave will be there to greet you, too.

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2 Responses to PETS of Powell River

  1. Valerie Clarke-Allen-Edwards says:

    Dave has grown up into a discerning young lady obviously! We will drop in just as soon as we can get over there Claire and Mark. Glad your business is staying in the groove! Loads of love, Auntie Val and Terry xxx

  2. Glenys and Ian says:

    We hope to pop in Roxy Records soon to see Dave as she is a lovely Lab

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