From Mother Nature to all the Mothers


The world wouldn’t be what it is without Mothers, so we’d like to help you celebrate all the beautiful ladies this weekend.

In-store Gift Ideas:
FRINGE CANDLES: Elegant, superior quality candles, soaps and stationary
WALL ART: Family photo collage, wooden signs, canvas oil paintings
PICTURE FRAMES: Antique style, mirrored with crystals, beachy themed
GARDEN: Gloves, hand tools, seeds, pots and everything in between
HOME DECOR: Glassware, Mexican glass, ornaments, lamps, trays, vases, decorative boxes, and so much more you must just see!
GIFT CERTIFICATES: Any denomination and they never expire

Greenhouse Gift Ideas:
SIGNATURE BASKETS: These are our handmade baskets that are big and beautiful
POTTED PLANTERS: We have created many assorted ceramic, plastic and wooden planters
BEDDING PLANTS: Create your own style for mom by selecting her a tray of your favourites

Nursery Gift Ideas:
TREES: Select from our unique species! Or how about a fruit tree, or a citrus or olive tree?
EDIBLES: Strawberries, Mighty Veggies, Herbs, Lettuce pots or some gourmet potatoes
POND: Choose a special new fish for her pond. Koi, Sarasa, Shubunkin and Comets
METAL ART: Take mom one of our super awesome bright Mexican garden art pieces that is sure to put a smile on her face.

Mother Nature would love to thank all the mothers that have supported our business over the past 30+ years. HAPPY MOTHER’s DAY. We love our jobs and we love our customers!

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