PETS of Powell River

Meet Indy Dickson. He is a mixed Terrier breed and is seven months old. His guardian, Heather, saw his picture on the internet and submitted an application to the Meadow Lake & District Humane Society in Northern Saskatchewan and was ‘miraculously’accepted. “After a month of getting organized, I flew to Saskatoon and brought him home,” Heather said. “He is a seriously laid back, well balanced puppy with many favourite activities.”

Indy loves to run…and run….and run….out in the horse pasture where he lives south of town. “He loves people, especially our two year old granddaughter,” Heather said. “He loves his classes at Zoe McBean’s Dog Club. His experiences are very limited but he’s learning to learn.”

Heather said she is hoping Indy will make a good therapy dog for hospital and care home visits. “When I saw him on the internet I thought right away he was the dog I was looking for,” she said. “Now that we’ve had him a month we can see he will be perfect. He is a very soft, gentle minded chap and we feel lucky to have him.”

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One Response to PETS of Powell River

  1. Zoë MacBean says:

    “Dog Faming” goes to the next level! Nice work, Indy.

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