Science World’s Fantastic Forces – Friday


Science World is On The Road again with a plan to visit 30,000 students outside the city of Vancouver. This week, On The Road is in Powell River bringing two popular science shows to students from kindergarten to grade seven!

Fantastic Forces will be presented at Westview Elementary School starting at 9:30 am on Friday, May 13th. The show helps younger students experience push, pull, lift and drag.

“These are four fantastic forces that affect our lives every day,” said Stephan Adamus, On The Road team leader and coordinator. “Kids can see amazing demonstrations like the Rubber Chicken Slingshot, the Giant Tablecloth Pull and the Poof Ball Cannon.”

Earth, Wind & Science helps kids explore the incredible weather events that occur within our atmosphere, said Charlotte Swanson, On the Road Science Facilitator. “We will be giving demonstrations such as the shocking Van de Graff Generator, the mind-boggling Cloud In a Bottle and the spectacular Fire Tornado,” she said. This presentation takes place at 1:30 pm at  James Thomson Elementary

Adamus said the team helps show kids that science is more than just lab work and studies. “Science is really interesting and fun and if you can get kids involved when they are curious about it you can generate better learning and critical thinkers.”

Between September 2015 and June 2016, the On The Road team will visit 17 communities across the province. “It is our goal to reach every student in the province outside of Vancouver over the next five years.”

As for taking this on-the-road job, Adamus said working for Science World and travelling around the province is serious fun. “Science World’s goal is to get kids excited about science, working for On The Road is a wonderful opportunity to do just that. You have to audition for a position,” he said. “It’s very coveted.”

Look forward to seeing On The Road Science Facilitators Charlotte Swanson and Sherry Lu in Powell River this Friday.


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