Regional District – Eldred River area on agenda

imageAccording to the Planning Committee Agenda for a Planning Committee meeting at 4:00 pm, Tuesday, May 17th, 2016, the Powell River Regional District will be putting forward the following recommendation:

THAT the Committee recommend the Board advise the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations that the Powell River Regional District has no objection to four Investigative Use Licences (Reference numbers: 2409526; 2409708; 2409716; and 2409811) for water power purposes being issued to Powell River Hydro Inc. in Electoral Area A on the condition that:

  1.   The applicant undertake, as part of the investigative phase of the project, detailed analyses to determine the project footprint (including proposed dams, reservoirs, powerhouse, intake structure, penstocks, transmission lines, road construction, staging areas for spoil) and its impact on water quality, wildlife, fish, forests, recreation, other tenure holders and slope/geotechnical stability; and
  2. The Powell River Regional District receive copies of all detailed analyses performed in the investigative phase of the project as well as another referral and opportunity to make further recommendations should this project move beyond an investigative phase.

Provided in the May 17th Request for Decision Report from Laura Roddan, Manager of Planning Services for PRRD, was the background information on the request:

On April 21, 2016, the Regional District received four referrals from the Province pertaining to applications for Investigative Use Licences submitted by Alterra Power Corp. on behalf of Powell Hydro Inc., a subsidiary of Alterra Power. The four proposed licences are located in northern Electoral Area A and include: 315 hectares along southeast tributary to Eldred River; 310 hectares along northeast tributary to Eldred River; 272 hectares along Chusan Creek to upper Toba Inlet; and 405 hectares along Powell River to Daniels River.

The proposed licences will permit the applicant to perform investigative works for terms of up to 5 years to determine whether water power operations in these locations are feasible.

This matter will be brought up at the next Powell River Regional District Planning Committee meeting on Tuesday, May 17th at 4:00 pm.

To comment on the application, click here.

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One Response to Regional District – Eldred River area on agenda

  1. ari says:

    This is not the Knucklehead area, but rather Edlred River Big Climbing Walls, Colin Dionne Memorial Climber’s Camp, Emma Lake, South Powell Divide and Mt Alfred will all be affected.

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