Ages & Stages for preschoolers


The annual Ages & Stages Children’s Fun Fair is Friday, May 13th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Powell River Recreation Complex.This event gives parents and caregivers the opportunity to meet with all of the professional early childhood supports in one place – without making an appointment!

Have your child participate in this event while you talk to the professionals about your child’s development. Theme centres will be set up on the top floor of the Complex. After registration, families are given a book bag, a developmental questionnaire appropriate for the age of the child, and a map of the upper level of the Complex showing where each centre is located. Preschoolers and their parent/caregiver can choose the order they visit each centre. Centre themes include: Health/Hand-washing; Hearing/Vision/Dental; Communication; Social-Emotional/Reading-Relaxation; Fine Motor/Problem-solving; Gross Motor and Nutrition. There will be all kinds of resources available, ideas and suggestions, and healthy snacks as well.

This event is a collaborative effort of School District #47 and the Building Blocks Committee 0-5 with members from agencies and services that serve the preschool population.

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