PETS of Powell River


Meet Reggie, he’s a 9-week-old Bernese Mountain Dog. This picture was taken when he was 7 weeks old. He has only been home in Powell River a short while. His guardian, Sondra, says he’s settling in well. He loves his new home.


It helps to have a big brother you can really relate to. Here’s Reggie with his mentor and house mate, Charlie. Charlie will help  teach Reggie how to behave around horses, big and small, as the farm they live on has a couple of big horses and a cute little mini, as well .


Last week Reggie ran into his litter brother Arnie. What a happy surprise! Arnie lives in Powell River, too. There will be lots of  romping good times up ahead for these two.



Some days are more fun than others. Some days you have to take a bath. Reggie was glum for a few moments but cheered up once he was toweled dry. Sondra says Reggie is a happy little dog who easily melts the hearts of everyone who meets him, including this admirer, Sam. Pic Creds: Porsha Quincy


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