Firewood Poetry w/ Texture & Light


Texture & Light presents a night of electronic and indie music featuring Trinity Forbes, from Saltpring Isand, BC, described as,

“Trinity Forbes is a warm hearted girl with a sensitive disposition. She is told that her music sounds like its own downtempo genre ‘Lush electronica’. Produced entirely by herself, she performs live with loops from her tracks, a synth, live vocals and a theremin. Always sincere, she reaches deep in every song, to inspire an emotion. She cries at the beauty and loneliness felt everyday. She smiles and faces strangers with admiration and strength. Her music stings with high-hats and punches with kicks. She soothes you with vocals and drowns you with synths.”

Texture & Light was formed by recovering DJ Trevor Refix as a way to explore live instrumentation, synthesis, and narrative songwriting, while avoiding the common pitfalls of dance music production. Add Lyell Woloschuk, a hard-hitting drummer with a recording arts degree, and you get an electronic band with fuzzy guitars, hook-laden vocals, a synthesizer fetish, and a drum machine crush.

Texture & Light shows are bumping, sweaty affairs that feature a mix of live instrumentation, interconnected hardware in place of laptops, and a custom synced lighting rig. This is not a band that goes half way.

Firewood Poetry w/ Texture & Light at The Red Lion Pub on Saturday, June 25th, starting at 8:00 pm. Tickets are $10 at the door, 19+.

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