Let’s go for a “Walk in The Park”

Don’t forget to enjoy a “Walk in The Park” this Saturday, May 28th from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm as the community celebrates the completion of the trail work in Millennium Park.


Over the past two years, a significant amount of planning, coordinating, construction and hard work has been invested into the development and refurbishment of the trail system within Millenium Park.

Through the coordinated efforts of the BOMB squad – a local community group composed of dedicated and skilled volunteers who are known for their trail and bridge building efforts in the backcountry – the ATV Club and Parks & Recreation Staff, the project has been completed and to celebrate the City is holding a “Walk in The Park” event this coming weekend.


The event will take place at the Recreation Complex lower West Parking lot and will feature a variety of guided familiarization tours through the park that includes hikes, trail runs, bike rides, walks and even TrailRider tours. Many groups have come together to put this event together including the Trail Runners, Powell River Cycling Association (PRCA), the Naturalists, TrailRiders and more.

To see a schedule of events, visit www.powellriver.ca/content/walk-hike-bike-run-park-saturday-may-28-2016

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