City moving forward with sustainability plans


Residents are being provided an opportunity to shape Powell River’s future through an interactive community discussion on sustainability.

Councillor Rob Southcott, one of the organizers of an event presented by the City of Powell River, said this is going to be the beginning of something that has been called for in Powell River by many people interested in sustainability. Southcott, along with Councillors Russell Brewer and CaroleAnn Leishman, will be spearheading the event, which will be held on Saturday, June 4th, from 1:00 – 3:30 pm, at the Willingdon Beach Pavilion. The rain backup location will be Dwight Hall.

Southcott said the city’s sustainability pillar, the Sustainability Charter, was a monumental project, and at first, many people asked what was being done with it. About three years ago, a committee came together, including three council members and members of the community, to put together the Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.

“That basically took the sustainability charter and all sorts of other projects and documents from the city and the community that have something to do with sustainability and an action list was developed,” Southcott said.

The sustainability roundtable event at Willingdon Beach will be the kick-off for the action list that was created by many people in the community.

“This is going to give us an opportunity to coordinate and find out who of us wants to do what,” Southcott said. “A critical factor is to keep us connected so we are not duplicating energies or work. Volunteer energy is very valuable and we don’t want to waste it.

“It’s a starting point for us. We will do roundtable sessions like this, probably not all down at the park, but we thought we’d start off with a fun venue. We have to have fun. That is a really important part. If it’s fun, it’s sustainable.”

Southcott said that after this first sustainability session there will be an evaluation and a second session will likely be held in a few month’s time.

The session will be led by Christien Kaaj, a skilled facilitator. This will be an opportunity for local citizens to share ideas about everything sustainability-related, from active transportation to food security.

Prior to the event, please check the City of Powell River’s Integrated Community Sustainability Plan at For more information, contact CaroleAnn Leishman, City Councillor –

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