Time for a change

Good morning Powell River – after two and a half years writing for powellriverdailynews.com it is time for me to move on and embrace new opportunities. So, thanks for dropping in each day, reading my postings and offering comments, ideas and support. It was a joy to research, interview and write for prdn and I’m not going away – I will see you around our fine community.

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11 Responses to Time for a change

  1. Shirley Charlton says:

    So sorry to see you go. I enjoyed reading your Daily News everyday.

  2. Anne Celila says:

    My first impulse is to shout, “Say it ain’t so!!!”

    But yeah, life strolls and jumps along, I know.

    Wishing you sunshine and being surrounded by happy family and loving friends … and animals… and all that you love.

  3. Diane McKendrick says:

    Thanks Drewen, I have enjoyed reading your posts and I wish you all the best in your next adventure. See you around…

  4. Thanks Drewen! Much appreciated your posts. Yes, let us know if this site is now defunct or is someone taking over the news aspect.

  5. Bev Dunn says:

    Good Job Drewen, wishing you all the best in your new directions for the future ❤

  6. Lyla Smith says:

    You did a great job! You opened up the idea of citizen journalism here, and gave a voice to people without media access. Thanks!

  7. Roger Thorn says:

    Thanks Drewen, and maybe your readers could now tune into the news on CJMP…plug plug

  8. Juhli Jobi says:

    Thank you for all that you’ve done for everyone in this community over the past years, for sharing all the non-profit events and fundraisers, for updating us on the community and creating a media outlet that was always timely and a must-read every day. I’ve loved everything you’ve done for Powell River. I wish you all the best Drewen. Much love! Juhli.

  9. Norma says:

    No–thank you.

  10. ari says:

    Too Bad!! Gonna miss this. You’re efforts have been appreciated.

  11. Cynthia Barnes says:

    Is someone going to take this over?

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