Coast Salish house posts inspire North Vancouver’s Aboriginal education

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Traditional songs and food marked the North Vancouver school district’s (SD 44) third Aboriginal Education Enhancement Agreement signing at the Squamish Nation Longhouse today.

Developed over the past year and a half, the agreement further strengthens and supports Aboriginal student achievement and success in the North Vancouver school district.

The agreement will use the wisdom gathered at collaborative sessions in the community, student information meetings, and formal committee meetings with First Nations, Métis and Inuit families, students and Elders.

The agreement is built on the foundations of four “house posts”, which are the stronghold of Coast Salish longhouses and are a representation of the importance of the students, educators and community in the district. The four posts follow the guiding principles of consultation, collaboration, communication and consensus.

These five-year agreements are a commitment by school districts, local Aboriginal communities, and the Ministry of Education to work together to enhance the educational achievement of Aboriginal students through programming that supports First Nations history, culture and language.

This agreement builds on government’s work to include Aboriginal history, culture and perspectives into British Columbia’s new curriculum. To support teachers in bringing Aboriginal content and perspectives into the classroom, government has created a resource guide called Aboriginal Worldviews Perspectives in the Classroom.

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One Response to Coast Salish house posts inspire North Vancouver’s Aboriginal education

  1. Rob Southcott says:

    ‘Consultation, collaboration, communication and consensus.’ How inspiringly powerful for creating community. Considering these words feels like coming out into the sunlight from the darkness of ‘delay, division, distraction/diversion, and deception’, tactics of the political world far more familiar to us, from which we are emerging.

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