Letter To The Editor: Do Your Part To Clean Up Polluted Waters

Here’s an inspiring story of a bunch of environmentally friendly and conscientious scuba divers trying to do their part to clean up our polluted lakes and rivers: Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans, is a bunch of local guys collecting disposed junk from reckless people polluting our most valued natural resources, water. As a former NAUI recreational diver of 25 years, I’ve seen old ringer/washers, car tires, discarded crab traps, and more contaminating our local waters. Sad, despite their intentions, its an uphill ugly battle and the oceans are a junk yard for fishing vessels, transport ships, recreational boaters, and more. The brain dead idea – out of sight, out of mind idea does not help, it hurts our fisheries, habitat and recreation. A river fisherman, I often go early, like a few and collect junk along the river and burn it or take a bit home in a plastic bag. Others should do the same including campers, hikers, mountain bikers and hunters – we all have to do our part. Man is, his own worst enemy and there is a treasure trove of trash in our oceans and lakes ranging from discarded long line nets, etc. To these guys, and others like them, thank you for doing due diligence, because many do not including cleaning up litter along our streets that are not only pollution but an eyesore. Roll up your sleeve and make our backyard, like we found it, in pristine condition. No excuses.

Kerwin Maude, Pitt Meadows

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