A Message To Powell River Today Readers from Expedia


My name is Jessica Estrada and I work as part of the content team for the Expedia.ca Travel Blog. I’m writing to let you know that our most recent article features Powell River as a charming historic town in Canada.

With the country’s 150th anniversary on the horizon, we at Expedia.ca wanted to highlight some of the most delightful historic towns in the provinces. Some of these were chosen based on the city’s legacy or unique origins stories, while others include historic sites you can still visit today.

Check out the full article here: 9 Charming Historic Towns in Canada (https://travelblog.expedia.ca/9-charming-historic-towns-canada/)

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2 Responses to A Message To Powell River Today Readers from Expedia

  1. Norma says:

    This “article” actually seemed to be describing another place than where I grew up and was overly concerned with Townsite. In fact, it gives the impression that the writer never left there (or maybe never even visited Powell River at all). Didn’t see it as a plus for the town at all, actually–and I think any person coming here based on the article will be at least confused.

  2. Lesley Thorsell says:

    Would of loved to have seen a sunset picture that we are famous for and mention the Sunshine Coast Trails. As far as place to eat., the Townsite Brewery? How about Laughing Oyster or Coastal Cookery?

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