Orca Fun Time

A message from Peter Hamilton:
After all the months of foul weather we finally opened our Lifeforce Ocean Friends studies. And what a wonderful beginning with 6 orcas that included both 4 month and 7 month young babies.
We were off the Powel River Mill as they foraged and played for over 1.5 hours slowly heading south. We saw breaches, head views, back flips, tail fluke slaps, and lots more.
These Transient orcas were T087, T124C, and T124As (the 2 moms and 2 babies).
We are also very busy creating and putting together our Ocean Friends education kits. If you donate for an Ocean Friends Membership you not only help Lifeforce protect marine wildlife you will receive a kit and a boat tour. You can enjoy the many precious wonders of nature. We can see orcas, Humpbacks, Greys, porpoises, seals, sea lions, bird life, and so much more!
For further information and high resolution photos: lifeforcesociety@hotmail.com
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One Response to Orca Fun Time

  1. Susan MacKay says:

    Message from Susan MacKay, founder of Wild Ocean Whale Society (WOWs): We are the non-profit also known as Whales and Dolphins BC, based in Powell River monitoring, tracking and mapping Whales, Dolphins and Porpoise in our coastal BC waters over the past number of years. We publish and post our sightings information free of charge to the public on line regularly. We ask for your sightings reports to assist us in this huge, ongoing project that will remain open to the public. Our web sites and brochures offer information on identification of species and guidelines to assist with safe whale watching practices for both the whales and those on the water. We were happy to identify T087 for Peter while we were on the water. For more information or to report your sightings and links to our Sightings Reports and more go to: wows.org

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