A Message From Peter Hamilton at Life Force Society

The Facts About the Cetacean Ban

The “100 mammals” are seals who are kept at an Aquarium off site location. So not affected by the cetacean ban! Only a few cetaceans have also been kept there. Rehab centers must not be in a noisy, busy aquarium. Cetaceans can be kept in sea pens if longer rehab is needed.

The Vancouver Aquarium web site is certainly not the “Real Facts” and media reports are often one sided. Those who have looked extensively at the cetacean captivity issues want the physical and psychological suffering to end.

Is this aquarium claiming 50 years of saving cetaceans? Cetaceans are euthanized and die in the wild, and at least 52 other captive cetaceans have died as a result of the Vancouver Aquarium pro captivity business.

In my opinion, the Vancouver Aquarium did not “rescue” the lone orca Springer. They wanted to keep her in a sea pen at their research station on nearby Popham Island. I told them that Lifeforce and the US/Canadian team supported taking her back to her home waters in Northern BC. In spite of the aquarium that was done and she reunited with her family.

They want cetaceans for so called entertainment and lucrative government research grants. The Aquarium say captives and “rescues” are untapped resources as tools. When in fact they are sentient beings who must not be exploited! Support the cetacean bylaw ban! Write to PBcommissioners@vancouver.ca and mayorandcouncil@vancouver.ca for the humane new cetacean ban!

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