Urban Homesteading Fall Bootcamp

This year’s Fall Bootcamp will happen Oct 28-29 at Sycamore Commons (Townsite Anglican Church, 6310 Sycamore St) and the Seniors Centre. Topics include old favorites like cheese making and soil building, and exciting new-to-us classes like water management and harvesting, and electric fencing. The special early bird price ends Oct 8th. Read all about it here:


Workshop topic list:
Beginner Rabbitry – Samantha Sherman
Lacto-fermentation – Kitty Clemens
Sprouts and Microgreens – Kevin Wilson
Electric Fencing – Franny Ulmer
Soil Building 1 – Erin Innes
Water Management – Simon Natrass
Soil Building 2 – Erin Innes
Tree Crops – Ron Berezan
Dehydrating foods – Katie McLean
Tea making – Mara Jones
Boiling Water Canning – Katie McLean
Rough Puff Pastry – Kevin Wilson
Beginner Cheese making – Samantha Sherman

Work trades are needed, and scholarship money is available from several sources, so if you are short of cash please don’t let that be a barrier.

Contact Kevin Wilson, kevin.wilson100@shaw.ca for more info.

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