Terms of Service:

Publisher has the exclusive discretion of what is published on Powell River Daily News.

1. Use only one email address for self-publication of comments, classified ads or event notices

2. Do not post links to your website or any other website

3. The publication by a reader of comments, classified ads or event notices is permitted but is subject to review by Publisher

4. You will be notified about Terms of Service prior to any action of Publisher

5. Powell River Daily News is a business – it encourages maximum participation in its features but anything posted here that attempts to “slag” anyone can be (and will be) removed.  Fair comment is fair comment. Criticism, if fair, is published – but be careful of what you believe is your right to freedom of speech.

6. Use full name when inserting anything. You may use a first name (if your last name is in the e-mail address given)

Advertising Info

There are three types of ads on PRDN:

Button ad placed on front page of PRDN, connecting your website/.pdf page to our readers.

Poster ad on front page of PRDN runs four times in a two week period. You supply info or graphics, or we can create one for you.

Banner ad is placed at the very top of PRDN.  Subject to availability.


1. We don’t have a website? A 200 x 200 pixel button can be created linking to your message that is placed on PRDN so that it appears like you have a web presence. See rate chart at bottom of this page.

2. Can I have my button placed where I want it? No – your button is on a wheel and each day a new sponsor is at the top of the wheel

3. How do I find my Poster ad. Your ad is placed at the top of the front page on date of publication but other pictures, stories and poster ads are constantly generated. Regular viewers look all over the website looking for pictures, classified and news stories. They do see your poster ads.

Rates effective January 1, 2015

Button ads – $250 – for 6 month contract designed with businesses and organizations in mind that have websites for promotion

Poster ads –  $100 – runs four times in two weeks

Banner ads – $150 for three days in a row  – no change in graphics. Ask Publisher for full details. Must be of a corporate nature. Prices subject to change based on demand and limited space.

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