Caregiver Tips: What NOT To Do When Providing Home Care Services

Providing home care services for senior patients can be challenging. However, knowing that you are able to provide assistance for them can be extremely rewarding. You will have the opportunity to create an impact on their lives, as well as their families. When you take on this job, it entails a huge responsibility.

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When it comes to providing hospice caring services for senior individuals at home, there are several aspects that are overlooked. While the things you need to do when providing home care services might be common knowledge, here are a few things you must avoid:

DO NOT Be On Your Phone All The Time

For young people, this is always an issue: they spend most of their waking hours checking on their smartphones. Professional nurses and providers of home care services should never do this. It is completely acceptable to check on your phone for important messages or calls. But to spend more time on your phone than looking after your senior patient would be unreasonable. It is important to know your limitations and behave professionally. After all, while you are at the home of the senior, you are paid for your services.

DO NOT Steal

This might seem like taking it to the next level, but there are people who have the tendency to do this. Some might even take advantage of the fact that they are left at home with a senior individual. Do not be one of them.

DO NOT Keep Clients Out of the Loop

If you choose to administer a new medication or form of therapy to the patient, make sure to consult the family members first. It is not your decision to make. It is important that they are aware of every method of care or assistance that you provide their senior loved ones. Even the simplest decisions such as what to feed the senior patients should be consulted with the family members.

DO NOT Embarrass the Patient

When you are providing aging care to seniors, you will be expected to do something that is awkward. One example is when you need to bathe the senior or wash them up after bowel movement. Try to act professional when you have to do these tasks. Do not make them feel like you are uncomfortable or disgusted by them.

DO NOT Come Without Knowing the Expectations

It is important that you discuss with the family members and patients about certain expectations they have upon hiring you. It is important that you know your expectations so you can know how to meet them. At the same time, this will give you a chance to explain your own expectations as well. Both parties should be able to meet halfway.

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