Lost & Found

4 Responses to Lost & Found

  1. Colin Mc Naughton says:

    whay does this have 2 do with this Lost and found Did U see my Cat muti color tabby med hair black paws fluffy tail.maybe attach this 1 to tne Market place.

  2. Janet T says:

    Thank you for a wonderful season at the market. I am so impressed at your enthusiasm and joy in organizing this important part of our community. And you took the time to photograph and post the lost and found! You are beautiful.

  3. Thanks Juhli I’ll post that reminder for you. I think you’ve done an exceptional job as manager of the Open Air Market in Powell River and hope you return next year. You really turned it around and helped it become a whole new, progressive, involved, integrated market. Facebook, twitters, blogs, you have it all. Well done.

  4. juhlijobi says:

    If you visited the Powell River Farmers’ Market this year, please check our lost and found site – we will be auctioning off items at the end of September.

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