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April proclaimed “Safe Digging Month”

BCMinister of Energy and Mines Bill Bennett today proclaimed April 2017 as “Safe Digging Month” to create awareness of smart and safe digging practices.

Telecommunications, water mains, sewer lines and, in some cases, electricity lines are buried beneath the ground and out of the public eye so it is important to “click before you dig.” Following safe-digging protocols helps prevent injuries, damage to infrastructure and inconvenient outages.

Uncontrolled digging can lead to interrupted service for emergency response, which can lead to injury or even death. The “click before you dig” campaign reminds us that these disturbances are avoidable. Determining where underground lines are and marking them helps ensure safe digging.

Across Canada April is Dig Safe Month. Here in B.C. the B.C. Common Ground Alliance is in full support of the “click before you dig” campaign as it strives to ensure the highest level of worker safety, public safety and damage prevention is being achieved.

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Orca Fun Time

A message from Peter Hamilton:
After all the months of foul weather we finally opened our Lifeforce Ocean Friends studies. And what a wonderful beginning with 6 orcas that included both 4 month and 7 month young babies.
We were off the Powel River Mill as they foraged and played for over 1.5 hours slowly heading south. We saw breaches, head views, back flips, tail fluke slaps, and lots more.
These Transient orcas were T087, T124C, and T124As (the 2 moms and 2 babies).
We are also very busy creating and putting together our Ocean Friends education kits. If you donate for an Ocean Friends Membership you not only help Lifeforce protect marine wildlife you will receive a kit and a boat tour. You can enjoy the many precious wonders of nature. We can see orcas, Humpbacks, Greys, porpoises, seals, sea lions, bird life, and so much more!
For further information and high resolution photos:
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Newcomers Social At Dwight Hall

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Coming Up

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A Message To Powell River Today Readers from Expedia


My name is Jessica Estrada and I work as part of the content team for the Travel Blog. I’m writing to let you know that our most recent article features Powell River as a charming historic town in Canada.

With the country’s 150th anniversary on the horizon, we at wanted to highlight some of the most delightful historic towns in the provinces. Some of these were chosen based on the city’s legacy or unique origins stories, while others include historic sites you can still visit today.

Check out the full article here: 9 Charming Historic Towns in Canada (

I thought you would be interested in reading and sharing on social media!


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Powell River Students Making Myrtle Creek Healthier

Myrtle Creek Jr Stewards_0.jpg

The grade 5/6 class from Powell River Christian School are working hard to protect the wild coho salmon spawning habitat in Myrtle Creek. They have been working in tandem with  local Myrtle Creek Stewards and the Sierra Club to make the creek healthier by removing invasive plant species. The students have produced a video for a contest through Science World, and would sincerely appreciate the support of Powell River residents for this worthy cause.  To see the video, and to learn more about (and help) the cause, please visit

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