Top 5 Job Positions after Studying Environmental Management

Whether you’re about to enrol in one of the environmental management diploma courses or just finished one, there’s a lot to anticipate from this career path.

environmental management diploma courses

Environmental management diploma courses in Australia teach highly-sought skills in the competitive market today. These skills do not only benefit you in different types of management careers but also in other professions.

If you’re curious what types of career will environmental management prepare you for, then here’s a good reading for you:

Environmental Analyst

If you want to analyse humanity’s impact on the environment, then this career is for you.

Environmental management training courses, such as the 10287NAT Diploma of Environmental Management, teach how to survey processes for handling environmental hazards. This surveying skill will then help aspiring analysts to gather and analyse data easily. These data are used to create policies that minimise harmful human interactions with nature.

In this profession, you will work mostly with the local government and the private and public sector.

Average salary: $47,092 per year

Nature Conservation Officer

This job is ideal for those who want to maintain the sustainability in the usage of natural materials.

Environmental management diploma courses also teach Resource Management. It’s a skill that ensures the use of resources is effective, sustainable, and beneficial.

If you want to help businesses and local government units become less wasteful, especially of natural resources, then you can study environmental management and then become a Nature Conservation Officer.

Average salary: $95,459 per year or $49 per hour

Waste Management Officer

Often dubbed as unglamorous, waste management is incredibly underrated. Waste management is crucial because it ensures that garbage disposal is efficient and less harming to the natural world.

During studying environmental management, you’ll be taught how to work with Environmental Management Systems, which are used to properly oversee waste disposal in an establishment.

In this career path, you’ll be working with waste management agencies, commercial establishments, construction consultancies, and local government bodies.

Average salary: $91,895 per year

Environmental Coordinator

If you find thrill the most in implementing environmental policies, then this is a career path for you.

This job requires you to coordinate with different sectors, making sure environmental regulations are being followed. It mainly involves monitoring city pollution, city planning, energy usage, and inspecting industries known to inevitably harm nature.

You’ll be working with a variety of people from different fields.

Average salary: AU$78,004 per year

Restoration Ecologist

From the name itself, you’ll enjoy this job if you have a “fixer” personality.

Your job as a restoration ecologist primarily involves executing rehabilitation projects for damaged habitats. Also, you’re tasked to educate the general public on how to preserve this planet. Whether you’re in the laboratory or in the field, you’ll be overseeing restoration projects—from oil spills to minimising a forest’s soil erosion.

In this profession, you’ll be working mostly with the local government.

Average salary: AU$48,779 – AU$80,663 per year


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